LED Mini Pole Spike Integral

a) Material :Aluminium (Al) with UV stabilized black powder coating.
b) Make : Machined from solid material as well as high pressure die cast aluminium and spun aluminium.
c) Clear plastic (UV stabilized polycarbonate) with glare control mesh.
d) Lamp Source : LED
e) Lumen Output: 898 lm, 1071 lm or 1552 lm for 3000K and 898 lm, 1146lm or 1552 lm for 4000K
f) Colour Temperature: 3000K or 4000K.
g) Power Consumption: 6.9 W, 10.2 W or 12.6 W
h) System Efficiency: 105 to 129 lm/W
i) CRI: > 80 ( can be higher CRI on special request).
j) Voltage: 37V 50/60Hz.
k) Life: 50,000 hours (L70).
l) Mounting : Spike mounting for easy installation.
m) Ingress Protection Rating : IP 67

Application: Lighting of paths and walkways and also as an accent to the garden shrubs.
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MY 80018-Al-LED.083 (898 lm , 6.9W, 200 mA, 3000K) – Aluminium
MY 80018-Al-LED.103 (1071 lm , 10.2W, 300 mA, 3000K) – Aluminium
MY 80018-Al-LED.153 (1552 lm , 12.6W, 350 mA, 3000K) – Aluminium
MY 80018-Al-LED.084 (898 lm , 6.9W, 200 mA, 4000K) – Aluminium
MY 80018-Al-LED.104 (1146 lm , 10.2W, 300 mA, 4000K) – Aluminium
MY 80018-Al-LED.154 (1552 lm , 12.6W, 350 mA, 4000K) – Aluminium